Okay so, maybe calling it that isn’t entirely fair but I do prefer running outside. I’m going to actually grab up my own treadmill for the winter time portion of training if I can find one that’s not too expensive. I can’t walk across the bathroom without getting injured so I’m not going to chance it on the slippery stuff. Our winters aren’t quite as bad as my nothern friends but we get ice for winter weather and not much snow so it will be safer to stay indoors for training those days. 

That’s beside the point though. Wednesdays seem to be me biggest enemy. I can generally get up early every day of the week, except Wednesday. I planned to get up at 5:30 am this morning to hit the gym but ended up just a little later than that. It’s just so hard to get up on Wednesdays. I decided to throw in some speed workouts on Wednesdays to help improve my pace and give me something a little different to break up the routine. I’ve never done speed work on the treadmill, so this was a first for me. I’ve done sprints on the track and hill repeats outside but that’s about all I know regarding speed. I hit up good old pinterest the other day and found a treadmill speed drill and decided to just go by that. 

I ended up having to modify it a bit because my legs have never really hit better than a 10 min/mile pace and the routine called for an 8 min/mile pace on the first few sprints and went higher after that. I feared that, if I attempted those paces I had never hit before on the treadmill I would end up on one of those youtube or vine videos of people being basically sucked away by the thing. Rather than risk going viral, I modified it to hit paces of 10 minutes and 9 minutes. It felt good and I enjoyed the push I had to give myself on those portions. I don’t know if it was very helpful but I did end up getting an extra 2 miles in for the week. I may try to hunt down a different treadmill workout to see if it does any better next week or just hope for dry weather and do hill repeats at the park. 

Even though I’m not positive about how helpful it was I was glad I got up and did it. I also did day 2 of my squat and ab challenge. An extra plus, I got to see a crazy cool looking sky on the way home. The sun was an orangey-yellow, surrounded by clouds that looked more like smoke and a few lightening strikes hit that looked like livewires.