I haven’t done this since I started but there’s not much to talk about today so I thought I’d give it a try. I feel pretty good about how things went last week. There are still some kinks to work out but I’m happy with the direction I’m headed. 


I made it to the gym and did my lower body workout. I modified the exercises and incorporated more machines than I was prior to my arm injury. It worked really well.


Running day! These are always my favorite days. I had a shorter time to run due to having my staff meeting in the morning. I did 2.23 at 12:25 minutes/mile. It was a good run and definitely made the day start out right. I decided to add at least the few minutes I cut off onto the Thursday run. 


I overslept and totally blew it that day. The day turned even more sour when my father in-law went code blue. Good thing was, he came back from it pretty strong. 


3.1 miles in the morning before work. I dedicated each and every mile to my father in-law. I changed up my intervals and managed a pace of 11:47 per mile. It felt amazing and I was so happy with the improved pace. 


45 minute spin class in the early morning hours. Still wishing I could get back to some weight lifting but I do have a growing love for spin.


5 wonderful but difficult miles with one of my BRFs. We ran downtown with the local running store’s group. It was hot and sticky but we managed a 12:50 pace which I thought was pretty good, overall for a long run. 


Rest day. I got my hair done (for free Squee!!) and felt so much better because of it. I love being a not so natural red head and getting pampered is especially nice if it’s free. We mowed the lawn and then had code blue number two. It’s been quite the eventful week…

My new ‘do!

Weekly mileage 10.33

Total Milage so far 30.69

Goals for this week

I want to up my mileage by doing the full 45 minute weekday runs. The galloway plan only calls for 3 miles this weekend on the long run but I am toying with the idea of going against that and doing 6 miles with my girl downtown or at a new park. I want to keep my 3 min run/30 sec walk and see where that gets my pace. I want to be more consistent with cross-training and also add a speed workout on Wednesday. I did mess up today and oversleep because we were at the hospital pretty late last night. Tomorrow’s run will also be dedicated to the amazing man that is still fighting for every breath in the hospital. 

How is everyone else’s training going? What goals are you working on?