Well, I did get up but it wasn’t earlier than usual. I drug myself out of bed at the typical 6:00 am and made it to the park a bit before 7. I took time to grab my water bottle and eat an English muffin for fuel before the run. It was brutal from the very beginning! It was hot and the air felt heavy. so my miles were a bit more sluggish than I wanted. I did okay for the first two miles but I struggled in the last one. I extended a couple of my walk breaks to a minute instead of 30 seconds.

The scenery was beautiful since I made it out to the park. It was extra peaceful since school started back around here because there was only a few other people out. A few runners and some people fishing. My pace was pretty consistent, even though it was a bot slower than I really wanted it to be. I also intended on going for the full 45 minutes and hoped for 4 miles. The air was just so sticky and hot that I wimped out at 3 miles but that’s still longer than my usual Tuesday runs. 

Threw some Disney in for this run!

I cam home and finished up by doing day 1 of a 30 day abs and squats challenge. 10 sit ups, 15 bicycle crunches, and 30 squats. I’m going to try to stick to that challenge every day. I have really been slacking on the ab workouts. I have been told three times in the past week that I have lost weight in my upper body. The scale doesn’t show it so my theory is the weight just shifted from up upper body to my tummy. I was pretty excited to noticed this morning that my thighs weren’t rubbing as much! That may be TMI for some people but I’m excited to be seeing differences. Hopefully terrible eating habits from last night won’t ruin that too much! (Pizza, reeses cookies, and hard cider….it was a rough day.)

Tomorrow I plan to do a lower body workout accompanied by a sprint workout on the treadmill to help with my speed and day 2 of the ab and squat challenge. This girl is ready for the few weeks of Fall weather we will get before it turns freezing cold. I’m getting just about sick of the hot weather running!

How’s everyone else’s training coming? Anyone seeing signs of progress? What about tips for some good speed workouts?