The past day or so has been kind of off the wall around this place. I was off work all day Wednesday because my father in-law went code blue and we didn’t know what was going to happen. He has both kidney and heart failure so we knew to kind of be on call since he’s been in the hospital for a week now. I’m incredibly thankful to say that he’s doing better today than he was yesterday and it was not his heart that caused the issue.

Today was a running day and I started to stay in bed. Saving my run for the evening sounded like a good plan. It did until I saw that it was 65 degrees outside at the time and was still going to be in the 80s when I got off work. I hauled my tail out of bed, got my stuff ready, and hit the pavement. I decided to dedicate my run to my father in-law and anytime it got difficult I would tell myself “If he can fight to stay with us, I can finish this run strong.” I played with my intervals and did a 3 minute run/ 30 second walk instead of the 3/1 intervals I was doing. It worked really well too! I finished a 5k at 11:47 min/mile. It may not be a huge improvement but it’s a step in the right direction! I always feel a bit amazed when I see those times. Last year a friend and I ran the Great St. Louis Halloween 10k and it was almost killing me to keep up a 12:30 min/mile. Now I can hit 11 and 10 minute ones. I know that one day in the near future I’ll catch up to you speedsters with the single digit paces but, for today, I couldn’t be happier with my 11:47!! Tomorrow, I shall return to the 5:30 am Spin class if I survive after stuffing myself at Dixie Cafe.