Hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great Tuesday! I was so flattered to see that Ashley over at Peonies ‘n Mint had tagged me for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers! You should definitely check out her blog, she’s an awesome girl and covers a variety of great topics!

The basics of the award is that you are tagged by a blogger, answer 10 questions from the person who tagged you, and you choose 10 new questions to ask the 5 people you tag. It’s a great way to learn a little more about your fellow bloggers and maybe make some great new friends in the process!

  1. Titles are hard, but the name of your blog is pretty awesome; how did you come up with the name of your blog? Honestly, I don’t remember what made me choose the name other than the run like a princess part. That came from the fact that my first Disney race will be the Disney Princess Half marathon weekend for the Glass Slipper Challenge. And maybe a little because I want to be a princess but who doesn’t, right?
  2. When and where did your interest in blogging begin? This is not the first blog I have had. My college roommate convinced me to start a Xanga page back in the day. You know the dark ages pre-Facebook lol I have always loved to write. I went through a stage afterward where I couldn’t even write in a journal. Total blockage. I came back mainly because I wanted a place to talk about running so that my non-runner friends wouldn’t get sick of me!
  3. Given the choice between a stone cottage, a cedar cabin, or a glass mansion, which house would you choose and why? It’s a close tie between the stone cottage and the cedar cabin but I think I’ll pick the stone cottage. It feels more fairytale-like.
  4. What is your favorite drink? (If wine, please share with Ashley the brand and kind so she might try it also — she’s kind of obsessed.) I love wine! Sweet wines especially. I don’t have a particular brand, it changes on a regular basis. I was pretty obsessed with ballatore sparkling wines for a little while. I Have actually been on the hunt to fine the same, or similar Reisling wine Shutters at the Caribbean Beach Resort served hubs and I on our honeymoon. It was AMAZING.
  5. What is the strangest food you’ve ever tried? Was it tasty enough to order again? I don’t know if it counts as strange but hubs and I tried Swordfish (at Disney also, I believe) and it was really yummy.
  6. Have you ever had a dream that you just can’t seem to forget? If yes, what is it? If no, I am sorry (because some dreams can be more entertaining than a Harry Potter marathon) and I recommend the practice of lucid dreaming. I can remember pieces of my dreams most of the time. the only full dream I remember really well was two days before my second half marathon, which I had not trained properly for. I dreamed that I was carrying all these bags with me on the run because I forgot to leave them with hubs. Then it started storming and I couldn’t get ahold of anyone to take the bags. My friend went the wrong way and I had a difficult time with the obstacle course (the race was not an OCR either).
  7. What is the best piece of advice you’ve received/read/heard for someone going through a heart break? My mom told me when I was a teenager to buy a bag of Hershey’s Kisses and eat them all myself. She said I would be over the guy by the time I got to the bottom of the bag. It wasn’t the healthiest way to go about it but it sure was a yummy method!
  8. If you could meet any individual, past, present, or future, who would it be and what would be your initial question towards them? I would love to have the chance to meet any of these three people: Walt Disney, Audrey Hepburn, and Robin Williams. They are all fascinating people, in my opinion. And I still can’t believe Robin Williams is gone. He was such a fixture in my childhood. His movies are iconic. He (or rather Mrs. Doubtfire) also provided me with one of the funniest anecdotes about my little brother but I’ll save that story for another day.
  9. Everyone has a passion — some people have several — so what is yours? What or who inspired this passion in your life? My Aunt Elizabeth has always inspired me. She raised two boys on her own and made a great life for herself. She also managed to stay incredibly active well into her 80s, despite having some pretty rough tremors. My husband is also a huge inspiration to me. He’s so good with people and he never lets things get to him. He handles pressure (and difficult mother in-laws) without missing a beat. He also goes after his dreams, regardless of what anyone else thinks he should do. (He’s a really, really good musician! He sings and plays a variety of instruments) My passions are helping people and running. I feel like I manage to do both fairly well.
  10. Most important question of all: Mustang, Camaro, or Challenger? You mean I have to choose???I love them all but I have to say the Challenger may be a bit above the rest for me.

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If you lovely ladies choose to join, my questions are:

  1. What is your biggest guilty pleasure?
  2. Where is the most interesting place you have been?
  3. What do you think your greatest accomplishment has been?
  4. Why did you start blogging?
  5. What would you be doing right now if money was not an issue?
  6. What is your favorite food to indulge in?
  7. Where would you live if you could choose anywhere?
  8. What is your greatest frustration?
  9. What is your dream job?
  10. If you could have dinner with any famous person (past or present), who would it be and why?