Yesterday was running day. Those are my favorite days, even though it’s still slightly hard to get my lazy tail out of bed. I blame the cat. She only likes to cuddle early in the mornings when I am supposed to be getting up. I gulped down some water and scarfed down half an english muffin before stepping out the door. Since my staff meeting was at 8:30 in the morning, I stuck to running in my very flat neighborhood.

It felt great when I stepped outside and started my Garmin. I really thought it was the perfect morning for a run…until I started running. That beautiful breeze I felt was just a dirty trick. The humidity was oppressive. Overall, the run felt great. I cut it a bit short of the 30 minute mark because I had to get back in for a quick breakfast and shower before the meeting, so I intend to add about an extra 5 minutes to whatever I do Thursday. I’m pretty happy with how I’m doing in the traininng, for the most part. I do still feel stuck in the pace. I really want to pick up some speed. I’m still not entirely comfortable with the interval training. I feel like that is part of my speed rut.

Anyone have some useful tips on the interval training?

On another note, I love when I get emails from shutterfly saying it’s time for the 101 free prints. I like to have new pictures to put up around the house. I spent some time yesterday uploading pictures from our honeymoon to shutterfly to get printed off and that’s where the nostalgia comes from. I love looking at all the pictures from our honeymoon. It was the most magical time I have ever had and you can see the happiness in every picture. We got a lot of crap from my side of the family for honeymooning at Disney but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We felt like royalty the whole time and every day was an adventure. The food, the activities, and the beautiful scenery. It made me wish I could rewind time and go back to that week whenever I felt like it. It also made me incredibly anxious for our Disney trip in October. I can’t wait to see Disney all decorated for Halloween and I have a list of characters I HAVE to have pictures with this time around. (#1 being Tink because I truly messed up my pic with her!) Today is a rest day for training. There is no early morning spin class on Friday and my elbow is a little out of wack still so I’ll just cross train 2 days a week until it’s back to normal.


This is my favorite pic from our honeymoon!

How is everyone else’s day going? Happy Hump day!