I have continued my quest for finding something, anything that works for my cross training. I was loving the guns I was getting from my weight training (despite the boredom I get from lifting, no offense to those of you that love it) but my still slightly gimpy arm is keeping me from continuing that. I searched the class schedule for my gym and found a 5:30 am spin class for this morning and decided to give that another try. 

Fast forward to the ungodly hour I have to get up in order to make it to the gym on time. I nearly slept through all ten thousand alarms I set to wake me up around 5 am. Luckily the hubs became annoyed by the ten minutes straight of my alarm going off and gave me a nudge. I stumbled to the bathroom and located clothes and knee braces. I woke myself up on the way by singing loudly (and possibly incoherently) in my car on the way to the gym. 

I get to the class and only 4 other people occupied the bikes in the room. I have only been to one spin class in the past and had no idea how to set up my bike so I just thank the Lord that I have long legs because speaking before coffee doesn’t tend to work well for me. As we start, I manage to kick my water bottle off the place on the bike where it balanced precariously. The loud crash, thump of my water bottle hitting the floor and rolling caused all eyes to be on me. Smooth move. 

Overall, though, I liked the class. I could tell I had a good workout when it was over and I had a pretty drive home with the sun finally rising. The downside…my bottom is quite sore from the uncomfortable bike seats and by 6:30 this evening my speech was slurring together, bordering on incoherent. Dinner with our besties and coffee to follow perked me back up. Gearing up for another early morning run with one of my BRFs for our long run. 


Why thanks Ryan, I’m looking forward to it myself! Happy Friday (late) everybody. 

What’s everyone doing this weekend? Anyone doing a race?