There was not much going on today. I took a rest day, not by choice but by necessity. First, I slept through my alarm and then I felt sick at lunch. I felt it would be better to rest and make up the cross training day on Sunday. Tomorrow I’ll be running after work. Hopefully the weather will be agreeable enough to run with some girlfriends. If not, I’ll take it to the treadmill. 

Since there isn’t much actual training to write about today I have been thinking about my goals. I haven’t actually put my goals down in writing so far. Now is as good of a time as ever to start. I’m going to keep this month’s goals  pretty simple. I seem to always try to do too much at one time. 

1. I want to get my pace to about 10-11 min/mile.

2. I want to do better with meal planning and nutrition in general.

3. I want to find a method for cross-training I can enjoy and stick to. 

There you have it. My simple, modest goals for the month of August. Also, vacation countdown is at 81 days and cannot get here soon enough. I can’t wait to do training runs in my resort in October!