Yesterday I did do my scheduled lower body workout. I just couldn’t find the words to post. I literally stared at the screen for 30 minutes, maybe more, and could not make the words come out. The workout was nothing special and I felt off all day. 

I am glad to say, today is completely different! I had trouble getting out of bed for my run but the hubby gave me the nudge I needed. I am so glad he did. I stepped out the door and the world looked brighter. It was a beautiful day and not incredibly hot (until the end of the run anyway). My pace was better than it has been in the past few weeks and I pushed hard. It was exhilerating and completely set the tone for the rest of the day. Even my sessions felt easier and lighter than yesterday. Overall, it was just a good day. 

 I still struggle with two other areas….cross-training and nutrition. My protein shakes for lunch have been helping considerably but I always get hungry around 4pm and have to stop for some gas station food (the hazards of doing house calls all day). As far as cross training goes, I switch things up too much. I can’t seem to stick to one thing. I did find a routine in runners world this month that is supposed to help make you run faster and be stronger, maybe I’ll try that. 

What about you? Do you have any tips for nutrition or cross-training?