My mother in-law turned 60 last week and we decided to devote a day to some special events for her and my father in-law. Rest day wasn’t so restful today but I wouldn’t have it any other way. We ventured out to Memphis for a day filled with adventure and fun.


 Spotted this awesome Ghostbusters car at a gas station on the way

First stop was the biggest Bass Pro Shop in the US where we wandered around nnnd tried some fudge. None of us are hunters or fishers but it was a pretty neat place to see. Somehow, I actually managed to keep my willpower and resist more than two bites of the fudge. 

 Then we went a little further down the road to the Mud Island museum where we learned all about the History of Tennessee and the riverboats. 


We found our cargo!


Just hanging out with Mark Twain

 Onward from there to an hour long (and very hot) carriage ride through the streets of downtown Memphis (which happened to be more interesting than I ever knew). We saw where they were currently filming a movie and learned that two of the buildings were in the Ghostbusters and another building was in The Firm (the scene where Tom Cruise jumps out the window). We finished the day up with some really amazing pizza at Mellow Mushroom. 

 It was a great day and, most importantly, my Mother in-law felt like a princess. Since I wasn’t raised in a family that was overly sweet and lovey dovey, it’s good to see a couple that can stay in love after decades of marriage. The fun, laughter, and silliness was the perfect ending to a crazy week. Heading back to work tomorrow and hitting the gym early in the morning for a lower body day. 


Aren’t they the cutest!?

Happy Sunday everyone!