Today was set for my first long run of the galloway training plan. I was supposed to do 3 miles but ended up doing four and a half. My town has a group run every saturday morning at 6 am and today I had two friends that were going so I decided to join. We ran downtown and did some run/walk intervals together. It was the first time the three of us had seen each other in a couple months so it was great just to get together. The morning was perfect for running. For once, there was no humidity. 

I love running but I think what makes me love it even more is the genuine friendships you can form with other runners. I didn’t know hardly anyone else that ran around here until March of this year when I joined the Women Can Run clinic. It truly changed everything for me. The clinic itself was an amazing help with the mechanics of running. I had terrible form and very little knowledge of how things should actually be done. The group I was in taught me proper form as well as helping me gain speed. 

The best part was meeting the other girls and making these friends that I truly value. We support each other in our doubtful times and share in the joy of success. The run was great. My time wasn’t super fast but we felt good and we enjoyed each other’s company. I’m so happy I was able to drag my sleepy tail out of the bed for this one and can’t wait until next week when we do it again.