I finally got out for a run yesterday. I took it very easy and it wasn’t my greatest time, speed-wise but It was great to be on the road. You would think that would be helpful but apparently it was not. Last night I had crazy dreams, which isn’t incredibly odd for me, but these were about the Disney races. To make a long story short, I dreamed that I woke up late, couldn’t find my stuff, got dressed and all the way to the start only to realize I wasn’t wearing my costume, had to re-dress, and ended up missing the start of the race by a few minutes. It’s months away and I’m already having dreams about failing. 

I’m starting to think I was crazy to sign up for such a big challenge. The half marathon would be doable for sure. I have done two of them before but two races back to back? I’m definitely doubting myself. I’m not fast. I have to work really hard to master 10 and 11 minute paces. Lately, I have only touched the 12 and 13 minute paces. I want to do this  but I want todo it right. 

Both of the half marathons I ran I wasn’t properly trained for it. To this day, the farthest training run I have done is 8 miles. I did okay in them. I finished and I even shaved 20 minutes off my time in the second one (which was amazing because the course was far more brutal than the first one). This on is different. It’s a huge thing to me because Disney is a special thing for hubby and I. We were engaged there and honeymooned there. Disney is what made this runnning thing stick for me too. I am nervous because I don’t know when this arm is going to be better. I want to get the right training and finish the galloway plan before the big day. I just hope the injury and overall bad luck doesn’t keep me from successfully doing this race.  I know I still have plenty of time but I can’t help feeling stressed about it at the same time.