Today I gave up. Although my wrist feels better than it did initially, my elbow hurt so bad last night that I could barely sleep. Can’t get relief with it bent. Can’t get relief with it straight and it caused me to miss a run on the one day this week that wouldn’t have been half as brutal. It’s a beautiful morning with a slight breeze and relatively no humidity (which is a miracle in Arkansas).

All of this together has caused me to break down and go back to the doctor…just a different one. Maybe this doctor will spend more time looking at my arm and less time telling me all about his life/problems. Sometimes I wonder if I have THERAPIST tattooed across my forehead that I just can’t see. I don’t mind listening to the problems of others, it’s what I chose to do with my life. However, I don’t pay a $50 copay to sit and listen to my doctor’s problems and be sent home with no answers, a brace, and pain meds I didn’t want and can’t take.

Here’s hoping a new doctor will give me some kind of answers and get me on the right track. How is everyone else doing on this beautiful Thursday?


Done at the doc and finally feel like I have some answers. No breaks or fractures so that’s good. It may be some soft tissue damage which can be good (if it goes away) or lead to an MRI (if it doesn’t). I was sent home with anti-inflammatory meds AND I have the green light to run as usual. The day is looking up folks!