I had every intention of going to the gym this morning. Really, I did. I set like 20 alarms on my phone and everything. Somehow, I didn’t hear a single one of them. I was determined, however, to get my lower body workout in so I jumped at the chance to go after work. I had it all planned. Go home, let the dogs out, change clothes, go to the gym, go to kroger, and cook when I get home. Sounds great, right?

Wrong. The gym was PACKED. People were everywhere and very few of the machines I needed were free. (I prefer free weights but the arm hinders that at the moment.) Consider my motivation completely ruined. Even the women’s only room was full. I did what I could, which amounted to about 20 minutes, and left.

So here I am sitting at the house and getting ready to pop in one of the oh-so-healthy precooked dinners from the health food freezer section and get my crochet on. (Don’t judge, the crochet biz tends to be what supports my racing habits!) I WILL try again tomorrow and will set 40 alarms if I have to in order to get out the door before my dreaded staff meeting in the morning. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be much more successful and packed with some moderate cooking.

Happy Monday!