So the post about starting fresh was a bit premature. After a trying to swim for cross training and coming home with a throbbing arm, my hubby encouraged me to wait until I’m fully healed to do running or heavy training. He’s very supportive and doesn’t like to tell me what to do. He learned last year that sometimes I need to hear the things I don’t want to hear. He didn’t say anything about me running a 10k last November and I ended up on crutches for a month. It was not a happy time. So, at his insistence I had to do a little more waiting than I like. This week I will try to get time in on stationary bikes or something so I’m not being super lazy. 

I’m not actually worried about the injury itself any longer. I can tell that it’s getting better. I can move my wrist better and have been able to get more stuff done around the house this week. The problems I’ve noticed is what comes from not having that release. I’m prone to anxiety and am really good at taking small things and blowing them out of proportation. In the past week, it’s been a constant barrage of parading anxious thoughts. Worry about my teeth because I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled and can’t. Worry about my house because I haven’t had a termite inspection in two years. Worry about money. Worry about costumes for our Halloween at Disney in the fall. Worry about my wrist. Worry about work. Worry about my impending student loans. Worry about whether I will get loan forgiveness. To sum it up, I have worried about everything I could possibly worry about. I’m looking forward to letting off some stem in the gym tomorrow, even if it’s not the exercise I want to do. This worry is driving me to the edge of sanity. I’m hoping that this waiting period will take care of my injury and I’ll be able to properly train in plenty of time before Princess weekend. Vacation is only 3 months away as well and I’ll get to do some training runs at the resort in Disney World. Can’t tell that wee are addicted at all can you?