I continued with the afternoon workout sessions today. Well, I tried to anyway. My thought was that I couldn’t lift weights so I would swim. Unfortunately, whatever damage I did to this arm is not receptive to swimming either. I didn’t bring any regular workout clothes to change into as a back up so I retired to the hot tub after just a couple laps. Relaxation would be a nice point in the day right? Wrong. A girl is just sitting in the hot tub with no jets going so I politely ask if she would like me to turn them on (you can’t stay in the hot tub with no jets, I’m pretty sure it’s against the law…or should be…). She mumbled something and I turned them on. I was unaware that the headphones she had on were not to play music but so she could have a fun phone conversation while soaking in the hot tub. She appeared very annoyed that I interrupted her conversation with my desire to use the hot tub like a hot tub so I stayed for the 5 minutes I set the jets to and left. Not the best day.

My frustration stems more from not knowing what is wrong exactly with my arm and how long this will take to heal. I like fact and information. I plan ahead and do not like to take days off. I decided to grab some food and go hang out with my sister in-law while my husband was at work. We had a great chat and she had a spontaneous gift for me while I was there.


That lifted my spirits even more. I love that my family members are so supportive of my crazy endeavors and I cannot wait to rock this on a training run. Bad days will come and go. Tomorrow is a new day and it comes with running, so it can’t be too bad.

Another positive from the day was that my geek side got a gift too.  My long-awaited Wonder Woman Covergirls statue come in today. Sorry I just had to fangirl for a minute…