My husband suggested I try running in the evenings. He thought it would be cooler as the sun is going down. Let me start by saying…..he was wrong. It was just as hot but the Arkansas heat and humidity are things you just can’t escape. On my way there, a turtle was making its way across the road and I just couldn’t let it become roadkill. I turned around and rescued the little guy before setting back off to the park. 


Since. I decided to start fresh, today was the first running day on the Galloway plan for GSC. I did a 35 minutes run/walk. The scenery was beautiful. We don’t have many places to run in this town but the trail at our park is gorgeous this time of year. Almost makes you forget the scorching heat….almost. It was a great. First day back at it. My time wasn’t impressive but it felt wonderful. The run/walk intervals are helpful but hard for me to adjust to at the same time. I tend to get caught up in speed and that gets me down. I’ve never been the fastest but I have a lot of heart and put 110% into all things I do. Today, I didn’t glance at the time, just followed the run/walk intervals on my watch. It was so refreshing. I have a little more confidence in getting to both finish lines in February. 


I haven’t decided how I feel about running in the evenings.  It was a great run and it was nice to have a way to let off the steam from a frustrating work day. I still feel partial to starting my day with the invigorating workout. What about you? Do you prefer morning workouts or evenings?