I’m late in posting due the the race registration curse but I’ll get to that in a minute. The stress and worry was all for nothing… I got into the Glass Slipper Challenge! Thanks to those of you who gave me helpful hints about registration and I’m so glad that part is over. Never before has my heart. Raced so hard while simply sitting in front of my computer! I didn’t even blink an eye at the huge price tag (which is amazing because I’m totally a cheapskate). I’m beyond excited (and still slightly in shock) about actually getting to do this amazing event. 

A little background about me….this is truly a dream come true for me. I’ve never been athletic in the true sense if the word. I started running to fit into my wedding dress after getting engaged in Disney world in 2013. It didn’t become a passion until after my Disney honeymoon in 2014. My husband and I are certifiable Disney fanatics. We will at any moment quote our favorite Disney movies or fill you full of info you never wanted about Walt himself. The expedition to Everest challenge was going on when we were honeymooning and seeing people with their medals n the buses and in the parks prompted me to look up RunDisney. THAT is when it truly stuck. I took off running when I got home and haven’t looked back since. It has been a healing journey for me in its own way. My stress levels are way down and it’s helped me get on the ball with doing my knee exercises. I have two bad knees, both with patellar instability (they pop out of place essentially) and running has actually inspired me to take better care of them. 

Now, comes the “you’re crazy!” And “you’re running HOW MANY miles?!?!” From those who do not run. I’m perfectly fine with that because the truth is, I run so I don’t become crazy. The training will be picking up full force pretty soon and I’ll be making decisions about costumes. I’ll do my best detail the training and other things here for anyone that is interested. I’m down to train together virtually as well, we princesses have to stick together, right?  

I referenced the registration curse earlier… Every time I register for a big event, I somehow hurt myself. This time it was preemptive. Just hours before the link went live, I slipped and fell. I now have a brace on my arm and a sore knee. I should be fine in a week, though. Nothing to major so far. 

So, in closure, who all got in for princess weekend? What are you running? Maybe I’ll even see some of you there! One can never have too many running friends!