Last week was a complete struggle. It was impossible to make myself get out of the bed to hit the gym, which wasn’t entirely different because I never love the gym. I always feel a little lost in there. There was even a big struggle to get my running in. I ended up not doing my long run at all. I kicked myself all week because of my dip in motivation. I had every intention of doing what my plan told me to but my heart just wasn’t in it. Today was a new day and a new week, though, and I’m happy to say it was no trouble getting my lazy tail into the gym. I despise leg day, no matter how important it is to get it in. Thankfully I was able to get myself going and commit to the project again. I guess everyone just needs to take a break and recharge every once in a while. I’m looking forward to my week of training and even get to take a run with friends on Friday. Maybe that will kill the nerves I have about registration day coming up. I’m so nervous because I want to do this challenge so bad. Fingers crossed that I get in!