Anyone that knows me can tell you that I like to talk about two things more than anything: Running and Disney. I got engaged and honeymooned at Disney World and started running just before my wedding. When I realized how many races Disney hosts every year, that became a HUGE motivator for me to continue my running passion. So far, I have completed 3 10ks, 2 half marathons, and a handful of 5ks. While trying to find a race for the fall that I could do with one of my closest friends, she mentioned going for the Disney Princess Half marathon. It will be her first Half marathon ever and I was stoked to do it with her. My crazy self took it a step further, however. I’ve decided to do the Glass Slipper challenge while we are there. 2 races, 2 days, 19.3 miles in total. Maybe I am insane but I’m totally okay with that. My training has begun with the use of the Jeff Galloway plan specifically for the Glass Slipper Challenge and in two weeks I will register (and hopefully be able to grab a slot for the challenge). I’m going to use this space to record my training, thoughts, doubts, excitement, and whatever else comes to mind. Maybe Ill post tutorials for making my costumes if I can bring out the creative side of myself for a bit.