July 2015

Bored in the waiting room

Today I gave up. Although my wrist feels better than it did initially, my elbow hurt so bad last night that I could barely sleep. Can’t get relief with it bent. Can’t get relief with it straight and it caused me to miss a run on the one day this week that wouldn’t have been half as brutal. It’s a beautiful morning with a slight breeze and relatively no humidity (which is a miracle in Arkansas).

All of this together has caused me to break down and go back to the doctor…just a different one. Maybe this doctor will spend more time looking at my arm and less time telling me all about his life/problems. Sometimes I wonder if I have THERAPIST tattooed across my forehead that I just can’t see. I don’t mind listening to the problems of others, it’s what I chose to do with my life. However, I don’t pay a $50 copay to sit and listen to my doctor’s problems and be sent home with no answers, a brace, and pain meds I didn’t want and can’t take.

Here’s hoping a new doctor will give me some kind of answers and get me on the right track. How is everyone else doing on this beautiful Thursday?


Done at the doc and finally feel like I have some answers. No breaks or fractures so that’s good. It may be some soft tissue damage which can be good (if it goes away) or lead to an MRI (if it doesn’t). I was sent home with anti-inflammatory meds AND I have the green light to run as usual. The day is looking up folks!

Self Doubt and Crazy Dreams

I finally got out for a run yesterday. I took it very easy and it wasn’t my greatest time, speed-wise but It was great to be on the road. You would think that would be helpful but apparently it was not. Last night I had crazy dreams, which isn’t incredibly odd for me, but these were about the Disney races. To make a long story short, I dreamed that I woke up late, couldn’t find my stuff, got dressed and all the way to the start only to realize I wasn’t wearing my costume, had to re-dress, and ended up missing the start of the race by a few minutes. It’s months away and I’m already having dreams about failing. 

I’m starting to think I was crazy to sign up for such a big challenge. The half marathon would be doable for sure. I have done two of them before but two races back to back? I’m definitely doubting myself. I’m not fast. I have to work really hard to master 10 and 11 minute paces. Lately, I have only touched the 12 and 13 minute paces. I want to do this  but I want todo it right. 

Both of the half marathons I ran I wasn’t properly trained for it. To this day, the farthest training run I have done is 8 miles. I did okay in them. I finished and I even shaved 20 minutes off my time in the second one (which was amazing because the course was far more brutal than the first one). This on is different. It’s a huge thing to me because Disney is a special thing for hubby and I. We were engaged there and honeymooned there. Disney is what made this runnning thing stick for me too. I am nervous because I don’t know when this arm is going to be better. I want to get the right training and finish the galloway plan before the big day. I just hope the injury and overall bad luck doesn’t keep me from successfully doing this race.  I know I still have plenty of time but I can’t help feeling stressed about it at the same time.

Lesson Learned

I had every intention of going to the gym this morning. Really, I did. I set like 20 alarms on my phone and everything. Somehow, I didn’t hear a single one of them. I was determined, however, to get my lower body workout in so I jumped at the chance to go after work. I had it all planned. Go home, let the dogs out, change clothes, go to the gym, go to kroger, and cook when I get home. Sounds great, right?

Wrong. The gym was PACKED. People were everywhere and very few of the machines I needed were free. (I prefer free weights but the arm hinders that at the moment.) Consider my motivation completely ruined. Even the women’s only room was full. I did what I could, which amounted to about 20 minutes, and left.

So here I am sitting at the house and getting ready to pop in one of the oh-so-healthy precooked dinners from the health food freezer section and get my crochet on. (Don’t judge, the crochet biz tends to be what supports my racing habits!) I WILL try again tomorrow and will set 40 alarms if I have to in order to get out the door before my dreaded staff meeting in the morning. Hopefully, the rest of the week will be much more successful and packed with some moderate cooking.

Happy Monday!

Side effects of deceased exercise may include….

So the post about starting fresh was a bit premature. After a trying to swim for cross training and coming home with a throbbing arm, my hubby encouraged me to wait until I’m fully healed to do running or heavy training. He’s very supportive and doesn’t like to tell me what to do. He learned last year that sometimes I need to hear the things I don’t want to hear. He didn’t say anything about me running a 10k last November and I ended up on crutches for a month. It was not a happy time. So, at his insistence I had to do a little more waiting than I like. This week I will try to get time in on stationary bikes or something so I’m not being super lazy. 

I’m not actually worried about the injury itself any longer. I can tell that it’s getting better. I can move my wrist better and have been able to get more stuff done around the house this week. The problems I’ve noticed is what comes from not having that release. I’m prone to anxiety and am really good at taking small things and blowing them out of proportation. In the past week, it’s been a constant barrage of parading anxious thoughts. Worry about my teeth because I need to have my wisdom teeth pulled and can’t. Worry about my house because I haven’t had a termite inspection in two years. Worry about money. Worry about costumes for our Halloween at Disney in the fall. Worry about my wrist. Worry about work. Worry about my impending student loans. Worry about whether I will get loan forgiveness. To sum it up, I have worried about everything I could possibly worry about. I’m looking forward to letting off some stem in the gym tomorrow, even if it’s not the exercise I want to do. This worry is driving me to the edge of sanity. I’m hoping that this waiting period will take care of my injury and I’ll be able to properly train in plenty of time before Princess weekend. Vacation is only 3 months away as well and I’ll get to do some training runs at the resort in Disney World. Can’t tell that wee are addicted at all can you?

Cross Training Inspires Frustration

I continued with the afternoon workout sessions today. Well, I tried to anyway. My thought was that I couldn’t lift weights so I would swim. Unfortunately, whatever damage I did to this arm is not receptive to swimming either. I didn’t bring any regular workout clothes to change into as a back up so I retired to the hot tub after just a couple laps. Relaxation would be a nice point in the day right? Wrong. A girl is just sitting in the hot tub with no jets going so I politely ask if she would like me to turn them on (you can’t stay in the hot tub with no jets, I’m pretty sure it’s against the law…or should be…). She mumbled something and I turned them on. I was unaware that the headphones she had on were not to play music but so she could have a fun phone conversation while soaking in the hot tub. She appeared very annoyed that I interrupted her conversation with my desire to use the hot tub like a hot tub so I stayed for the 5 minutes I set the jets to and left. Not the best day.

My frustration stems more from not knowing what is wrong exactly with my arm and how long this will take to heal. I like fact and information. I plan ahead and do not like to take days off. I decided to grab some food and go hang out with my sister in-law while my husband was at work. We had a great chat and she had a spontaneous gift for me while I was there.


That lifted my spirits even more. I love that my family members are so supportive of my crazy endeavors and I cannot wait to rock this on a training run. Bad days will come and go. Tomorrow is a new day and it comes with running, so it can’t be too bad.

Another positive from the day was that my geek side got a gift too. ┬áMy long-awaited Wonder Woman Covergirls statue come in today. Sorry I just had to fangirl for a minute…


First official Training run…and turtle rescue

My husband suggested I try running in the evenings. He thought it would be cooler as the sun is going down. Let me start by saying…..he was wrong. It was just as hot but the Arkansas heat and humidity are things you just can’t escape. On my way there, a turtle was making its way across the road and I just couldn’t let it become roadkill. I turned around and rescued the little guy before setting back off to the park. 


Since. I decided to start fresh, today was the first running day on the Galloway plan for GSC. I did a 35 minutes run/walk. The scenery was beautiful. We don’t have many places to run in this town but the trail at our park is gorgeous this time of year. Almost makes you forget the scorching heat….almost. It was a great. First day back at it. My time wasn’t impressive but it felt wonderful. The run/walk intervals are helpful but hard for me to adjust to at the same time. I tend to get caught up in speed and that gets me down. I’ve never been the fastest but I have a lot of heart and put 110% into all things I do. Today, I didn’t glance at the time, just followed the run/walk intervals on my watch. It was so refreshing. I have a little more confidence in getting to both finish lines in February. 


I haven’t decided how I feel about running in the evenings.  It was a great run and it was nice to have a way to let off the steam from a frustrating work day. I still feel partial to starting my day with the invigorating workout. What about you? Do you prefer morning workouts or evenings? 

Starting Fresh


Last week was not my best week. In fact, there have been quite a few hurdles in the road since I started planning to run at Disney. I’ve hurt my ankle doing jump squats and now the whole falling in the bathroom thing has left me with a fractured arm (at least that’s what I think. My doc was pretty worthless when it came to finding what was wrong….). I decided last week to just take time to let everything heal since my knee was not feeling to great either.

Today is the start of a new week and I’ve decided to start completely fresh. My arm is still in a brace and all so there won’t be much weight lifting until the doc says it’s okay. Today I went for a lower body workout (half-hearted, I admit). I really feel lost on the weight training portion of my routine but I think it is getting better slowly. Tomorrow I will start my Day 2 of training with the first 30-45 minute run as per the Jeff Galloway training plan from RunDisney’s site. With all the bumps in my road, I felt that starting completely over at the beginning would be best.

I can’t wait to see how this journey goes!

A little pet peeve

It’s funny. When you’re a runner…or maybe it’s just me….any time you inure yourself, a lecture comes about how bad running is for you. How you shouldn’t run long distances, bad for your knees, blah blah blah. It never seems to occur to most people I know to actually ask how you did it. They just assume. Funny thing is, running has improved my knees. A little back ground here….

I have had knee problems since elementary school. They didnot truly catch them until I was in 7th grade. I was all arms and legs so my parents just assumed that I was clumsy and would grow out of it. They later found out I have a condition called patellar instability. Basically, my growth spurts were so fast that my muscles were not able to stabilize the knee cap. It “pops” out of place. It’s a terrible feeling and one that gives me shivers thinking about it but I know how to cope. I had surgery on my right knee and it was fixed for a while but I became lazy in college and didn’t do the home exercises so it’s crummy again AND my left knee is doing the same thing. I had my worst fall ever last September that resulted in me wearing two knee braces. 

I have always hated these exercises. Resentment for being forced to do hours of therapy on them just to be able to have the slightest activity caused me to resist once I graduated high school. I couldn’t twirl batons competitively anymore so why do all that work? Now I have a new purpose. I love running. I love how I feel after a good run. I love the changes I am already seeing in my body. I love the sense of accomplishment I get from completing a race. That’s something that you can’t put a price on. My professional success relies mostly on my clients showing up for their appointments, success in running is all mine. It has made me a better therapist, wife, and friend. It really does change your life in so many ways that non runners just don’t understand or see. Not only that, but it has also inspired me to work hard to strengthen my knees so that maybe one day my princess running costume won’t include two bulky knee braces. The fall I had Tuesday was less painful and less sever possibly due to my improved work on those weak knees. I guess that’s my rant for the day. What are some of the pet peeves you guys have and what are some lower body exercises you can recommend to further improve my routine?

Officially Earning My Glass Slippers

I’m late in posting due the the race registration curse but I’ll get to that in a minute. The stress and worry was all for nothing… I got into the Glass Slipper Challenge! Thanks to those of you who gave me helpful hints about registration and I’m so glad that part is over. Never before has my heart. Raced so hard while simply sitting in front of my computer! I didn’t even blink an eye at the huge price tag (which is amazing because I’m totally a cheapskate). I’m beyond excited (and still slightly in shock) about actually getting to do this amazing event. 

A little background about me….this is truly a dream come true for me. I’ve never been athletic in the true sense if the word. I started running to fit into my wedding dress after getting engaged in Disney world in 2013. It didn’t become a passion until after my Disney honeymoon in 2014. My husband and I are certifiable Disney fanatics. We will at any moment quote our favorite Disney movies or fill you full of info you never wanted about Walt himself. The expedition to Everest challenge was going on when we were honeymooning and seeing people with their medals n the buses and in the parks prompted me to look up RunDisney. THAT is when it truly stuck. I took off running when I got home and haven’t looked back since. It has been a healing journey for me in its own way. My stress levels are way down and it’s helped me get on the ball with doing my knee exercises. I have two bad knees, both with patellar instability (they pop out of place essentially) and running has actually inspired me to take better care of them. 

Now, comes the “you’re crazy!” And “you’re running HOW MANY miles?!?!” From those who do not run. I’m perfectly fine with that because the truth is, I run so I don’t become crazy. The training will be picking up full force pretty soon and I’ll be making decisions about costumes. I’ll do my best detail the training and other things here for anyone that is interested. I’m down to train together virtually as well, we princesses have to stick together, right?  

I referenced the registration curse earlier… Every time I register for a big event, I somehow hurt myself. This time it was preemptive. Just hours before the link went live, I slipped and fell. I now have a brace on my arm and a sore knee. I should be fine in a week, though. Nothing to major so far. 

So, in closure, who all got in for princess weekend? What are you running? Maybe I’ll even see some of you there! One can never have too many running friends!

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